The 3 best Europe soccer teams

With the FIFA Russia World Cup 2018 finished and with France as the deserved champion of the tournament, achieving their second World Cup in history. Now, in about two months the different leagues from nations in Europe will start, as well as the international soccer team competition UEFA Champions League with champions from a variety of countries in the last year.

With this, at present time there are 3 of the best Europe soccer teams who are seen as the most competitive in every tournament they play on.

The best soccer teams in all Europe and the world

In third place of the best European soccer teams in the world right now is Liverpool FC; the English football club from the city of the same name in England, reaching in the recently finished season in UEFA Champions League the final.

Also, it is hard to not see the attacking power a team like Liverpool have right now; the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Senegalese Sadio Mané and the Brazilian Roberto Firmino are a threating trident for any team they face.

In second place of the three best Europe soccer teams is Barcelona; without any doubt a club to count any in every season with the best player in the world Lionel Messi. Also, Barcelona have brought another super star as Philippe Coutinho to fight for every three in the season like La Liga, the Copa Del Rey and the UEFA Champions League.

Although Barcelona have lost Iniesta, the “Cule” club is a machine playing the ball and expert in the possession game, having and offensive game that in love soccer fans out there.

However, there is no better team in Europe right now than Real Madrid FC; the three times UEFA Champions League in a row by the hand of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo as biggest start.

Of course, Zinedine Zidane is no longer the manager of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo went to Juventus FC, but this club is of the biggest in the world and will fight for every title in Spain.

Best NFL teams of all times

The National Football League or NFL is quite known around the world due to many reasons, although the most outstanding one for sure has to be the Super Bowl celebrated every year. Also, in the almost 100 years of history of the NFL there have been many great teams to highlight, and with no doubt the next are the best NFL teams of all times.

1985 Chicago Bears

This is obviously and obvious choice to make, since the Bears from 1985 are known as one of the best team ever existed in NFL, being led by Walter Payton, Richard Dent, Mike Ditka and others known players as Steve McMichael, Wilson and Willie Gault.

This team is considered by many as the best defensive in history, crushing Patriots on Super Bowl XX and obtaining 18-1 on the regular season. In fact, at present time the 1985 Chicago Bears are treated like royalty in the city that gives its name to the team.

2000 Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl from 2000, although this team is not only remembered for this but because of crushing every team on their way. For example, that campaign Baltimore won their last eleven games in a row and by 18 points of margin at least.

At this day, the Baltimore Ravens from 2000 have the record in NFL of less conceded points in a season of 16 matches and just one touchdown in the four playoff games.

1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

With no doubt, the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers were of the dream teams known in the history of the NFL, with a staff full of later Hall of Fame members and winning a second Super Bowl on a row, creating a dynasty like no other NFL team could do before.

For example, this team was known due to players like Terry Bradshaw with powerful arms and throwing and Franco Harris´s strong legs. In fact, 8 out of 10 of their rivals score only 10 points or less and creating a defensive that as worthy of the name “Iron Curtain.”

Best MLB team of all times

With more than 100 years the Major League Baseball has since it was founded, many dream teams have gone through the league leaving their mark with no doubt.

For example, the 1939 New York Yankees who won the American League by 17 games that year with the amazing record of receiving only 1, 31 runs per game, or the 1970 Baltimore Orioles who achieved the astonishing mark of 108-54 games on the regular season and crushing Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds after the postseason in five games, with no doubt these are teams to remember.

However, if there is one team that can be considered the best MLB team of all time with no doubt it is the 1984 Detroit Tigers, due to the achievements this generation can perform.

Generation of Detroit Tigers of 1984

On May 24th, 1984 Detroit Tigers already have and advantage of almost nine games in the East side of the American League, after opening the season with a mark of 35-5 and crushing Royals in the Championship Series of the American League, after having no mercy against San Diego Padres at the World Series winning 4 games of 5 and leaving Padres with no chance.

In details, Jack Morris headed the team with a solid rotation and the bullpen was dominant and the Puerto Rican Willie Hernandez had one of the best seasons in history for a reliever; reaching over 141 entries and having a total effectiveness of 1.91, making him worthy of the Cy Young and Most Valuable Player or MVP of the American League.

And of course, in this generation was Aurelio Lopez who was also known with the nickname of “Mr. Smoke” and worked as trainer, having a 10-1 mark with the incredible effectiveness of 2.94.

Respecting this whole team of Detroit Tigers in 1984 the catcher was Lance Parrish, with Bergman, Whitaker, Trammell and Johnson as the infielders, Gibson, Lemon and Herndon as outfielders, Jack Morris a pitching leader and Darrell Evans as star hitter.

How to play cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in the Commonwealth of Nations and the mass sport in the Indian subcontinent, being similar to baseball but with key differences that makes it unique. Today we will explain how to play cricket in terms of resources needed, rules and regulations related to pitch and play field.

Details about cricket

In order to play cricket we will need three main tools or resources to use: a flat bat to hit the ball, a cricket ball that in some way is similar to a tennis ball but covered in leather, as well as a wicket formed by three stumps with 2 bales on it, which is positioned behind the hitter in the pitch.

Secondly, to be able to play cricket there have to be a proper play field to do so, having oval shaped and integrating three layers or sub-fields: the pitch or zone where players throw and hit the ball that measures 20×3 meters, the infield and the outfield where the rest of the team players await to catch balls. In terms of size, the play field must measure 90 meters.

Regarding general rules, to play cricket there must be two teams formed by eleven players and while one defends and has to avoid receiving runs by making outs, the other team obviously has to pitch and looking for making as many runs as possible.

To hit in cricket, the hitter has a partner and will look for hitting the ball as far away as possible that is thrown by the pitcher, and such partner waits at the pitcher´s side for the hitter to put the ball on the air.

So, when the hitter has hit the ball and is not taken by a member of the other team the hitter and his partner will run to other side of the pitch making a run. Now, when a hitter is out other member of the team must take hit position and the inning is over when ten hitters or out.

There are five ways to do out in cricket: by dropping the bails on the wicket behind the pitcher, catching the ball before hits the ground, if the hitter miss the ball and a player from the other team takes the ball and drops the bails and if the hitter blocks the ball with his body from dropping the bails.

Top 10 Asian Soccer Nations

Soccer is growing in the Asian continent with no doubt, with powerful leagues from the financial point of view that can bring talented players and trainers from other countries to strength federations and minor categories.

In fact, such investment came successful with the recent respectable acting in the FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup on behalf of the Asian nations of Japan and South Korea, who advanced to second round or the eighth finals of the tournament, as well as Iran who played a decent paper in their group with the soccer power nations Spain and Portugal.

So, with the help of the Ranking FIFA and the recent achievements made by the teams, we will carry out a top 10 of the Asian Soccer Nations at present time.

Ranking of the best Asian Soccer Nations out there

With the help of the Ranking FIFA that shows the best soccer teams from top to bottom ranked using different parameters and divided into the distinct confederations, we easily can build a top 10 of the Asian Soccer Nations.

So, this ranking obviously has to have Japan and South Korea in the first two spots, due to their respectable acting in the Russia 2018 World Cup where they played against Belgium in eighth finals and Germany in the last match of the first round, respectively. For example, Japan has Honda and Nagatomo, while South Korea has Son who plays in Tottenham Hotspurs.

In third and fourth spot are Iran and Saudi Arabia who also went to the World Cup of this year, and although they did not make it to the next round they play very demanding games and win matches against Egypt and Spain. In the fifth place there is China, a nation that unfortunately did not go to the World Cup but is investing in many players and international trainers to strength their soccer.

And, to complete the top 10 there are relevant nations like Syria, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq and Uzbekistan, who are next in the Ranking FIFA.