Top 10 Asian Soccer Nations

Soccer is growing in the Asian continent with no doubt, with powerful leagues from the financial point of view that can bring talented players and trainers from other countries to strength federations and minor categories.

In fact, such investment came successful with the recent respectable acting in the FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup on behalf of the Asian nations of Japan and South Korea, who advanced to second round or the eighth finals of the tournament, as well as Iran who played a decent paper in their group with the soccer power nations Spain and Portugal.

So, with the help of the Ranking FIFA and the recent achievements made by the teams, we will carry out a top 10 of the Asian Soccer Nations at present time.

Ranking of the best Asian Soccer Nations out there

With the help of the Ranking FIFA that shows the best soccer teams from top to bottom ranked using different parameters and divided into the distinct confederations, we easily can build a top 10 of the Asian Soccer Nations.

So, this ranking obviously has to have Japan and South Korea in the first two spots, due to their respectable acting in the Russia 2018 World Cup where they played against Belgium in eighth finals and Germany in the last match of the first round, respectively. For example, Japan has Honda and Nagatomo, while South Korea has Son who plays in Tottenham Hotspurs.

In third and fourth spot are Iran and Saudi Arabia who also went to the World Cup of this year, and although they did not make it to the next round they play very demanding games and win matches against Egypt and Spain. In the fifth place there is China, a nation that unfortunately did not go to the World Cup but is investing in many players and international trainers to strength their soccer.

And, to complete the top 10 there are relevant nations like Syria, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq and Uzbekistan, who are next in the Ranking FIFA.

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