How to play cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in the Commonwealth of Nations and the mass sport in the Indian subcontinent, being similar to baseball but with key differences that makes it unique. Today we will explain how to play cricket in terms of resources needed, rules and regulations related to pitch and play field.

Details about cricket

In order to play cricket we will need three main tools or resources to use: a flat bat to hit the ball, a cricket ball that in some way is similar to a tennis ball but covered in leather, as well as a wicket formed by three stumps with 2 bales on it, which is positioned behind the hitter in the pitch.

Secondly, to be able to play cricket there have to be a proper play field to do so, having oval shaped and integrating three layers or sub-fields: the pitch or zone where players throw and hit the ball that measures 20×3 meters, the infield and the outfield where the rest of the team players await to catch balls. In terms of size, the play field must measure 90 meters.

Regarding general rules, to play cricket there must be two teams formed by eleven players and while one defends and has to avoid receiving runs by making outs, the other team obviously has to pitch and looking for making as many runs as possible.

To hit in cricket, the hitter has a partner and will look for hitting the ball as far away as possible that is thrown by the pitcher, and such partner waits at the pitcher´s side for the hitter to put the ball on the air.

So, when the hitter has hit the ball and is not taken by a member of the other team the hitter and his partner will run to other side of the pitch making a run. Now, when a hitter is out other member of the team must take hit position and the inning is over when ten hitters or out.

There are five ways to do out in cricket: by dropping the bails on the wicket behind the pitcher, catching the ball before hits the ground, if the hitter miss the ball and a player from the other team takes the ball and drops the bails and if the hitter blocks the ball with his body from dropping the bails.

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