Best MLB team of all times

With more than 100 years the Major League Baseball has since it was founded, many dream teams have gone through the league leaving their mark with no doubt.

For example, the 1939 New York Yankees who won the American League by 17 games that year with the amazing record of receiving only 1, 31 runs per game, or the 1970 Baltimore Orioles who achieved the astonishing mark of 108-54 games on the regular season and crushing Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds after the postseason in five games, with no doubt these are teams to remember.

However, if there is one team that can be considered the best MLB team of all time with no doubt it is the 1984 Detroit Tigers, due to the achievements this generation can perform.

Generation of Detroit Tigers of 1984

On May 24th, 1984 Detroit Tigers already have and advantage of almost nine games in the East side of the American League, after opening the season with a mark of 35-5 and crushing Royals in the Championship Series of the American League, after having no mercy against San Diego Padres at the World Series winning 4 games of 5 and leaving Padres with no chance.

In details, Jack Morris headed the team with a solid rotation and the bullpen was dominant and the Puerto Rican Willie Hernandez had one of the best seasons in history for a reliever; reaching over 141 entries and having a total effectiveness of 1.91, making him worthy of the Cy Young and Most Valuable Player or MVP of the American League.

And of course, in this generation was Aurelio Lopez who was also known with the nickname of “Mr. Smoke” and worked as trainer, having a 10-1 mark with the incredible effectiveness of 2.94.

Respecting this whole team of Detroit Tigers in 1984 the catcher was Lance Parrish, with Bergman, Whitaker, Trammell and Johnson as the infielders, Gibson, Lemon and Herndon as outfielders, Jack Morris a pitching leader and Darrell Evans as star hitter.

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