Welcome to the Asian Football Network

…a voice for the Asian Football Community

The Asian Football Network (AFN) is an independent voluntary organisation set up in 2000 to assist with the development of the UK Asian football community, and provide a much needed strategic voice for grassroots groups and projects.

The AFN’s key objectives are:

  1. Empowering local grassroots projects.
  2. Highlighting good practice.
  3. Developing new dynamic projects and initiatives which provide a pathway into mainstream provision.
  4. Enabling Asian men and women’s participation at levels of the game.
  5. Delivering training courses in partnership.
  6. Providing an overview of current and future trends and issues relating to Asians in Football.

This website provides you with a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of UK Asian football development in range of areas including football development programmes, teams, players, coaches, managers, supporters, and volunteers. See our case studies section for the latest examples of best practice in the UK. You can also take a look on sportsbetting.ag review where you can find cool info about sports.

The AFN website acts as an empowering resource for individuals and groups that want to move on from the unproductive debate of the last 10 years and look towards highlighting good practice in the UK whilst supporting, facilitating and developing new sustainable projects and ideas. To get involved click on the Projects page which provides a platform for the grassroots football community to network and develop partnerships that will strengthen and capacity-build the future of Asians in Football.

The AFN is committed to working in partnership to avoid duplication and to focus effort and resources where it is needed most. The AFN enjoys support from key stakeholders as well as grassroots community projects (see our Partnership page). We believe in pushing the agenda forward through a bottom-up approach that focuses on grassroots level support and nurturing the next generations of Asians passionate about football at all levels.