Frequently asked questions

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Q1. Does the AFN have any employment opportunities?
The AFN is run by a small team of part-time staff and volunteers who work in collaboration with a wide range of local, regional and national partners and key stakeholders. Therefore the AFN isn’t able to offer any paid employment opportunities, however when job opportunities are available in partner organisations the AFN website will works hard to promote these.

Q2. Can I get funding from AFN for my sports group?
The AFN doesn’t offer any funding streams to support the development of football. However the AFN can provide invaluable funding and capacity building advice for grassroots football projects.

Q3. Can I get coaching services from AFN?
The AFN frequently delivers FA coaching opportunities so please contact the AFN to find out what the current opportunities are through the Coaching Pathways Programme.

Q4. I’d like to play in a local youth team, can AFN help me?
The AFN has a wide range of contacts throughout the UK and where possible will refer your request to the relevant football club, network or organistation.

Q5. I represent a grassroots community group/local authority and would like to work in partnership with AFN.
Where appropriate and mutually beneficial the AFN will work to develop new partnerships that seek to develop sustainable opportunities and programmes.

Q6. Can I have a copy of the AFN/Brighton University Research?
The research was published interenally for the Premier League Clubs, staff and key partners. Therefore the findings aren’t available to the general public.

Q7. Can AFN help me with my University/College Dissertation?
Due to the large number of enquiries relating to research projects the AFN doesn’t have the capacity to answer all the enquiries and would at first instance refer students to core texts noted below.

Burdsey, D. (2011) Race, Ethnicity and Football: Persisting Debates and Emergent Issues. Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society.

Burdsey, D. (2008) British Asians and Football. Routledge Critical Studies in Sport.

Bains, J & Johal, S. (1999) Corner Flags And Corner Shops.

Q8. Does AFN collaborate on Media events?
The AFN will support events which can demonstrate sustainable outcomes that benefit the British Asian football community. Recently the AFN has made contributions to the Guardian Newspaper, Champions League Magazine, BBC Radio 4 and numerous other football, sport and media publications.