Aims and objectives

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The main aim of the project is to provide strategic support and facilitate the development of grassroots Asian football. This will be achieved through a series of key objectives:

  1. To provide an open forum for tackling key issues and challenges facing Asian football communities. Issues include under-representation of Asians in the game; poor access to mainstream provision and participation at all levels – from players and supporters to coaches and managers.
  2. To enable and empower Asian communities to create new opportunities and open pathways through the development of strategic partnerships. This will be facilitated by the Asian Football Network and partners such as The Football Association, Football Foundation, football clubs, community sports programmes, government bodies, anti-discriminatory campaigns, as well as existing Asian grassroots football projects.
  3. To create sustainable opportunities in participation and open pathways to access football at all levels of the game by providing opportunities to access funding, partnerships, coaching, training and education. This will necessitate targeting all members of the football community but with a special focus on creating new dynamic projects that do not replicate current provision but offer new exciting opportunities tailored to the needs of the Asian football community. This will be achieved through support and facilitation by the Asian Football Network and its partnerships.
  4. To increase representation and equity for the Asian football community, This objective seeks to give the Asian football community a voice through the provision of a lobbying group that would be connected with the local forums and partnerships with key stakeholders. This will also be achieved by providing access to new opportunities and pathways through partnership work with key agencies.

Establishing the AFN website as an invaluable online resource for all minority ethnic communities. The website will serve as a valuable forum for sharing ideas and knowledge, exchanging information and highlighting examples of best practice as well as providing a network hub for the local forums. It will also provide an essential overview of current developments in grassroots Asian football with features such as local case studies and up-to-date news on partnership work.